Do you carry out any of my antenatal care?

No.  Although I am a Registered Midwife, I will be acting as a teacher and will not be performing any checks on mother or baby, nor will I be liaising with the hospital on your behalf.  If you have any concerns about your own health or that of your baby you should ALWAYS contact your care provider.

Some of my friends are pregnant as well, do you do group sessions?

Yes, group sessions can be arranged at a venue to suit you and your friends and at special group rates

Please contact me if you would like more information.

My partner won't be able to come to all the sessions - can I bring someone else?

Yes.  The sessions are aimed at 2 people so you can bring someone else who is supportive of your birth choices.

Am I able to contact you outside of class time?

Yes. When you sign up for any of the programmes I am available by text or e-mail to help answer any questions and to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Are these sessions only suitable for first-time mothers?

No.  They are aimed at any couple who would like a more positive birth experience.

Still not sure? 

Why not contact me for a chat or a face to face meeting so that I can answer your questions?

When is the best time to start the course?

It is best to start any of the courses as soon as possible after your 20 week scan.   However if you are further on than this you can still benefit from instruction in relaxation and breathing and on antenatal education.