Course Content

Session 1:  Introduction to HypnoBirthing®

- Why HypnoBirthing®?

- Instinctive birth and birthing without fear

- Role of the birth partner

- Power of the mind

- Calm breathing and relaxation techniques

- Use of affirmations

- Rainbow relaxation

Session 2:  Pre-birth family bonding. 

Parenting and preparing your mind and body

- How baby learns

- Consciousness of baby before birth

- Baby as an active participant in the birth process

- Importance of nurturing the body and the mind

- Importance of the right birth environment

- How baby descends through the birth path

- Perineal massage

- Three breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour

- Positions for relaxations

- Deepening exercises

Session 3:  Self-hypnosis and advanced deepening

- Use of massage to aid relaxation

- Going deeper into relaxation

- Ultimate breathing for labour and birth

- Your birth preferences discussed

- Special circumstances - what should I do?

- Artificial induction of labour.  Oxytocin v syntocinon

Session 4:  Overview and Summary of Labour

- Pre-labour signs

- How will I know that I am in labour?

- When to go to hospital

- Birth partner's role

- Review of the birth process.  What is happening to me?

- Review of breathing techniques

- Natural ways to promote labour


Session 5:  Birthing - the Final Act and Bonding

- "Your body was made for this!"

- Taking away the fear

- Best positions for labour and birth

- Nearly there! How do I know?

- Birth breathing

- No pushing!

- The golden hour

- Feeding baby

- The journey to parenthood begins

Newborn Baby