This is designed for those who are not interested in the full hypnobirthing course but would like to achieve a positive birth experience no matter what type of birth you are intending to have. 


Sessions will focus on relaxation and breathing and will cover calm breathing, breathing in labour and birth breathing.  


1 and a half hour session costs £45

My husband and I were expecting our 2nd child.  We wanted someone to take me through my breathing techniques that I needed for the stages of labour and also just in general to to go through things I needed to know.  It's amazing how you can forget some things!  Ingrid did just that and more.  She reminded me of each stage of labour, what to expect and most importantly how I could get through labour feeling in control.  I ended up having just one session which covered so much.  I left feeling I wanted more as Ingrid is clearly extremely experienced in her field of expertise and demonstrated this in abundance.  I would highly session/sessions with her whether it is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.  Thank you very much Ingrid.

Sinead Hutchinson